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Buy Phentermine Online Cod, Phentermine Where To Buy In Canada


The IS215T Motion Sensor offers quality detection in an attractive white housing. The IS215T is fully featured, flexible and simple to install for any basic security alarm application.


  • Ultra Low current design 50% reduction in max current consumption.
  • Silent Relay Can be used in quiet environments.
  • Tamper Proof Design Alarm relay cannot be compromised with a magnet.
  • Installer Friendly Settings Dip switch design offers easy to set parameters with no jumpers to mess with.
  • Improved EMI Immunity Surface Mount Design reduces false activations due to RF interference.
  • Attractive Sleek Design The stylish white housing is designed to blend with any room d?cor.
  • Surfaced Run Wiring A large wiring channel allows for quick, neat installations.
  • Look-down Zones Honeywell patented look-down mirror provides for optimum detection pattern directly beneath the sensor.
  • Mounting Flexibility The unit easily mounts on walls or in corners for a full range of coverage. With subtle corner mounting knockouts, the IS215T maintains its streamlined aesthetics no matter where it is placed.
  • Sabotage-resistant Lens Design The lens wraps around a retainer, making it more stable and difficult to sabotage.
  • Selectable Sensitivity Sensitivity can be adjusted to match installation requirements.
  • Tamper Switch The sealed tamper switch signals before any enclosure access is possible.
  • White Light Immunity A white light absorbing, black bug guard dramatically increases white light immunity to greater than 6500 Lux, reducing the chance of false activation.
  • Bug Guard Prevents insect access into the sensor optics, reducing the chance of false activation

Additional information

Weight .9 lbs